At Maida Learning we know all about what you need to run your optimal practice.

Are you just starting out in practice, or wondering how you can grow your established practice? Do you feel like there is never enough time to get things the way you want them, or feel you need to upskill in the management side of running a business?

Maida Learning's membership offers support, resources, education and training to ensure you have the knowledge, confidence and skills to achieve your vision. We are here to take the overwhelm away, and connect you with like minded people - just like you, who want to have a great practice too.

You can access all the benefits of our membership for a simple monthly fee of $79.

Join our waitlist!

Our memberships are boutique and in order for us to ensure members are getting the best value from our service, we are limiting the number of new members to join each year. If you want to be part of the good stuff, then join the wait list to ensure you are one of the first to have access to enrolments.

"I have created a membership that I believe gives every practice owner a chance to have the practice they desire and life they want. I am passionate about each member and their journey, I am dedicated to ensuring every member has a fantastic experience through Maida Learning".

Amy Geach

Founder & CEO, Maida Learning

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